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Trusted Pest Control In Tysons Corner, VA

Tysons Corner is a community located only miles from Arlington and Washington, D.C. It has become a commercial hub of sorts for the many flagship stores that have built their home here. Tysons Corner is also very well connected via the interstate system, so it makes getting around a breeze. People also move to Tysons Corner for the excellent public schools and exceptional quality of life. 

Because of the fast pace of life in the area, preventing pest problems and keeping properties in top shape can be a tough task. At SPRK Pest Solutions, we deliver trusted pest control in Tysons Corner, VA, that is always safe and eco-friendly. Our team of expert technicians is always on time, detail-oriented, and determined to find the root cause of your pest concerns. Everything that we do is driven by our integrity and fairness, and it shows in everything from the EPA-approved products we use to our satisfaction guarantee. Call us today for your free quote!

Lawn Spraying Services In Tysons Corner

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Your yard is where you spend summer evenings and weekends relaxing. It’s a living, breathing part of your property that is also your first line of defense against pest invaders. Many of the potential pest problems that you can develop, from spiders to crickets, begin in the yard. That is why SPRK Pest Solutions is here to offer lawn spraying services in Tysons Corner, VA, that you can trust. We bring a high level of experience to every property we treat and we are always dedicated to satisfying an ideal outcome. 

Because no two customers are the same, we’ll first need to inspect your yard to determine what the best course of action is. One of our trained technicians will look for signs of pest activity as well as any unhealthy areas. From there, we’ll treat your entire front, back, and side yard with our spray mechanism. This is a service that we provide on a monthly basis between April and October for undisturbed protection. Call us today for more information!

Are Camel Crickets In Tysons Corner Dangerous?

Camel crickets are a common pest problem for Tysons Corner residents, but the good news is that they are not dangerous. While they don’t pose a health threat to people, that’s not to say that camel crickets aren’t without their own issues. These pests are known to invade homes during the winter months to shelter from the cold. When they start to reproduce, the incessant chirping sounds that they make can be a real hassle. Additionally, given that crickets can lay upwards of 50 eggs every two days for two months, infestations can become quite large in a short period of time.

Call SPRK Pest Solutions for cricket control today!

How To Prevent Clover Mite Invasions In Tysons Corner

Clover mites are bright red pests that can be hard to miss. While they are parasites, they don’t often bite people or pets, but rather, they prefer plants and other greenery, so they can still cause trouble around a property. Here are a few tips for Tysons Corner residents who want to experience fewer clover mites:

  • Make yards unenticing. Because clover mites are seeking plant matter, it’s important to reduce any overgrown harborage areas wherever possible. Pay special attention to shady areas and reduce any areas that contain debris.

  • Check for eggs. To curb the further growth of any potential clover mite outbreaks, check foundation crevices and windowsills for signs of any eggs and get rid of them. This is usually recommended in the early spring. 

  • Ask for help. For the most reliable form of prevention, consider professional services from a pest expert. Pros will have the necessary knowledge and methods that are needed to keep clover mites from becoming an issue. 

For more information on clover mite prevention, call SPRK Pest Solutions

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Pavement Ants In Tysons Corner

Pavement ants are often attracted to moisture sources and, as their name would suggest, often live in the crevices in driveways, sidewalks, and other paved areas. For these reasons, populations can quickly blossom and become problematic. At SPRK Pest Solutions, we provide comprehensive pavement ant control solutions that are designed with the utmost attention to detail. Because we tailor all of our services to our customers’ needs, we can include treatment for pavement ants in both residential and commercial programs. 

We base all of our recommendations on detailed inspections, where we check for signs of pavement ant activity as well as the spread and any factors that might be appealing to them. When treating a property, we use only EPA-approved products that allow us to target pavement ants while not bringing any unnecessary stress to people or the environment. We can provide these services as frequently as is required to keep pavement ants away and we even guarantee the results. Call us today for more information! 

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