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As part of the Washington-Arlington metro area, McLean is a suburb located in Fairfax County, Virginia. This part of the country is known for its connection to the defense sector, with many jobs and industries driving our economy. But all this human population contributes to pest infestations, which is why local property owners have to be on top of maintenance and pest prevention steps. With assistance from the experts at SPRK Pest Solutions, you’ll always know that you’re managing your level of pest risk.

Residential Pest Control In McLean, VA

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Home pest control isn’t as simple as just keeping your place clean and tidy. Pests are drawn to homes because they have food, water, and shelter. So even clean properties can be attractive to scavenging pests. And all kinds of infestations can lead to property damage or health impacts.

Rather than just trusting DIY methods and home maintenance to try and keep pests out completely, you should instead turn to the residential pest control experts at SPRK Pest Solutions. We can help you with this effective process: 

  • Inspection: A good pest control plan starts with thoroughly examining your property. To root out the source of the problem and fully account for attractants, we check inside and out. 
  • Treatment: We then concoct a treatment that fits your property and its level of need. This customized approach makes our pest control fit your budget and property. 
  • Follow-up: We check back with you even after completing our service to ensure that you’re satisfied. 

Turn to pest control you can trust by contacting SPRK Pest Solutions today.

Commercial Pest Control In McLean, VA

There are a lot of businesses that get overlooked when it comes to properties that we tend to assume need protection against pests. But the truth is that all kinds of properties can wind up with pest populations, and all sorts of local businesses can suffer enormous consequences from having an infestation.

That’s why SPRK Pest Solutions thinks outside of the box, specializing in overlooked businesses that need pest protection just the same. Here are some of the local businesses we’ve helped avoid or eliminate pests: 

  • Auto Parts Stores: Even stores that don’t deal with food products or services can still be attractive pests, especially shops with lots of storage space to hide. 
  • Dance Studios: Studios may be relatively small and open spaces, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have pests. This is mainly because they tend to share building space with other businesses, meaning a pest population from one area can easily spill over into nearby studios. 
  • Retail Stores: Finally, big retail stores are another common target for pest infestations. Even if you don’t sell food or beverages, pests are attracted by the human activity and the boxes that are all over for them to nest inside of. 

Don’t get complacent when it comes to protecting your business from pests. No matter what kind of property you own or manage, get commercial pest control from SPRK Pest Solutions today. 

Three Reasons Why You May Have An Ant Problem In McLean, VA

Ants are among the most common invasive pests in the world. Every property has dealt with them at one point because they easily access any property. That’s why ant control is really about limiting the factors that draw them to your home or business in the first place.

Here are some of the most common factors for local property owners to address:

  1. Food: Ants can survive on crumbs, so it’s essential to make sure you don’t have food scraps accumulating around your property. You also need to seal stored food items properly. 

  2. Trash: All the food safety in the world won’t matter if ants can crawl inside your garbage for a meal. There are plenty of food scraps for them to find in any wastebasket. 

  3. Access: If ants can find a way inside, they will use it. So you need to inspect your property for access points and take steps to eliminate them. 

The best way to accomplish all of this is to have a trained set of eyes inspect your property and provide you with tips for protecting it against ants. Contact SPRK Pest Solutions to get started today.

The Best Way To Handle Wildlife On Your McLean Property

Not all pests are looking for a way inside of your property. Many of them are content to roam neighborhoods for food or shelter. They simply pop into our spaces during the night or as they head from one habitat to another.

Nuisance wildlife can be some of the most dangerous and destructive pest populations to deal with, whether you’re talking about raccoons or deer. The best way to deal with wildlife on or around your property is to get help from experts who know how to handle native species.

At SPRK Pest Solutions, we can take steps to protect your property from roaming wildlife, or we can remove populations directly if they have hunkered down nearby. Overall, we can offer pest control treatments that ward off infestations and keep your yard looking healthy year-round. Get started today by contacting us or visiting us online.

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