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A Guide To The Most Common Pests In Fairfax, VA 

Insects, rodents, and many wild animals are referred to as pests because they disrupt to our day-to-day lives when they decided to move onto our Virginia properties or into our homes. Knowing which pests have found their way onto your property is important so that you can seek help to eliminate them and put in place the services necessary to prevent them from returning! Use our pest control guide as a tool to learn more about our area's pests and as a way to identify your home's intruders.

bed bug on fabric

Common Local Pests In Fairfax, VA

up close image of a wood roach

American Wood Roaches

a camel cricket crawling on plant leaves

Camel Crickets

up close image of a carpenter ant crawling in a garden

Carpenter Ants

an up close image of a carpet beetle crawling on fabric

Carpet Beetles

a centipede crawling on a garage floor


a clover mite on a piece of tree bark

Clover Mites

a house spider hanging in its web

House Spiders

a paper wasp crawling on a home

Paper Wasps

pavement ants crawling on fruit

Pavement Ants

up close image of a spring tail crawling on the ground


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