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What Fairfax County Property Owners Need To Know About Bird Control

March 01, 2021 - Birds

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You know that a creature is popular when a lot of people stand outdoors for long periods just to watch them from a distance. We are, of course, talking about birds. Some people travel across the globe to find, document, and observe various unique and beautiful species. We even have some here in Fairfax County worth watching, along with some we don’t want to see at all. Let’s talk about the latter today. Here is how to identify pest birds around your property and why you might want to keep an eye out for the trouble they cause.

Pest Birds In Fairfax County

What is it that makes a bird a pest? Well, for one thing, pest birds mooch off of humans. They pick through trash cans, steal food from outdoor tables, and patrol beaches looking for leftover goodies to snag. The most common pest bird in our area is the pigeon. Often referred to as “flying rodents,” these colorful, plump head-bobbers love causing trouble. You'll find these pests perching near crowded streets, bravely walking down sidewalks, and looking for clever ways to get a bite to eat. Two other birds that bother property owners in our area are starlings and grackles.

The Danger Of Pest Birds

Pest birds are some of the filthiest animals. Due to their diet of discarded foods and trash, these flying menaces often carry a range of disease-causing organisms. Have you ever heard of histoplasmosis? What about cryptococcosis or psittacosis? These are just a few diseases birds spread in our area. How can you get sick from a bird? By interacting with their fecal matter. To avoid getting sick, we recommend checking outdoor tables, picnic areas, and seating for bird droppings before settling in. Be especially vigilant when eating outdoors. 

Why Pest Birds Nest On Properties

Properties attract pest birds in a variety of ways. Most often, they are drawn in by available food sources nearby. If you run a restaurant that offers outdoor dining, you will be more likely to have trouble with pest birds on your property. The only other thing that pest birds need is a place to nest. They find this under the eaves of buildings on perches. 

How Not To Prevent Pest Birds

We frequently see people spending a lot of money on bird control only to have no success getting these pests off their property. To help you avoid control methods that are likely to fall short, here are two options that will not solve your problem.

Noise deterrents: There are many sounds birds dislike. Some will deter birds for a time. The problem is, birds adapt and become comfortable with any type of noise over time. Visual deterrents: Placing a fake owl on your roof will freak out birds for a few days. It will not, however, keep them away for good. Eventually, they will learn it is not real, and they will then show no hesitation around your property.

The Only Way To Effectively Prevent Birds

There is only one way to ensure pest birds do not cause trouble around your property, and that is to involve a professional pest control provider. At SPRK Pest Solutions, we understand invasive species and know how to keep your property safe. For birds, we use industrial-grade deterrents and advanced pest exclusion methods.

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