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Getting Rid Of Dangerous Mice For Good From Your Fairfax Home

January 15, 2023 - Mice

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Did you know mice are far more intelligent than we assume? That's why it can be challenging to get rid of once they get into your Fairfax home. If you're questioning if you have an active infestation, some signs of an infestation include chew marks on walls and packages, mouse droppings, and scratching noises in the walls or attic at night. The best way to avoid dangers and damage is to prevent mice from entering your home. Fairfax pest control professionals can help deal with and prevent a future mouse infestation in your home. 

What Mice Look Like 

The standard type of mouse species that can enter your Virginia home is the house mouse. The house mouse is a small rodent with a slightly pointed black nose, protruding eyes, and large ears. They range from light brown to black and have gray bellies. Their droppings are black and have a musty smell. You can often find them hiding behind the walls, under floors, above ceilings, in furniture, or behind large appliances. They typically like to stay close to food sources. 

The Many Dangers Of Having Mice In Your Home 

Rodent infestations are common in Fairfax homes and can cause significant damage and danger to you and your loved ones. Rodents are constantly gnawing on objects and leaving their feces and urine behind, soiling goods and creating a severe health hazard. Rodents' front-most teeth, otherwise known as incisors, never stop growing, and to keep them sharp, they chew on any object they can find. As a result, they can chew through electrical wire, damage furniture, ruin storage material and rip up insulation. Most notably, as mice chew on electrical wiring, they can damage it, causing it to overheat and start an electrical fire. Because of this, rodent infestations should be considered a significant fire hazard. 

Mice can also spread diseases through their urine, feces, and saliva, directly transmitting diseases like tularemia and hantavirus. They can also carry pests such as ticks and lice, indirectly spreading diseases in your home. Mice are also notorious for their ability to make their way into stored food, creating a health risk. 

Why It Is So Hard To Get Rid Of Mice On Your Own

Mice are challenging to get rid of for several reasons, mainly because they are resourceful and intelligent. Mice enter your home due to it providing food and shelter. Mouse infestations can quickly get out of hand as they can rapidly reproduce. Awareness of the signs that indicate a mouse population in your home can help you identify the need to contact pest control professionals. 

The Pros To Call For Safe And Effective Mouse Control 

SPRK Pest Solutions will keep your home pest-free and give you peace of mind. They provide accessible, efficient, and punctual pest control service to eliminate all your pest issues, satisfaction guaranteed. If mice are a problem for your house, we'll provide up to four sticky pads for monitoring and a discount on any future rodent treatments. We also provide small pest exclusion work with our general pest control. More considerable exclusion work is available as an add-on service.

Professional rodent control can help you avoid all the health and safety issues that can arise from a mouse infestation. When you are experiencing a pest problem, SPRK Pest Solutions provides effective solutions to eliminate your pest problems. With your satisfaction guaranteed, you have nothing to lose except your pest problems. Contact us today to request a free quote.

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