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Bat Mitigation 101: A Useful Guide For Fairfax Homeowners

August 15, 2023 - Bats

a bat infestation

According to the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources (DVR), bats are classified in the order Chiroptera, which roughly translates to “hand wing.” Belonging to the Class Mammalia, bats are the only type of mammal that can maintain continuous flight. After dark, bats emerge and provide a benefit to the overall ecosystem by consuming many types of bothersome insect pests. 

Estimates suggest that 17 different bat species exist throughout Virginia, yet, property owners will likely encounter only a few different species in residential settings. Among the most common types in this region include the big brown bat (Eptesicus fuscus), the evening bat (Nycticeius humeralis), the little brown bat (Myotis lucifugus), and the Brazilian free-tailed bat (Tadarida brasiliensis).

Are you experiencing an intrusion involving bats? These types of problems are best handled by a licensed pest control expert. A Fairfax pest control company that provides professional bat removal services will assess the problem and choose a safe and effective solution.

Habitat And Roosting Patterns: Locating And Identifying Bat Dwellings

What are some of the common behaviors associated with types of bats? During the cold winter months, bats typically will hibernate in an environment that offers them shelter, such as crevices in trees, inside caves, or structures. In the spring, bats will emerge and find locations to roost.

Female bats may generate litters of up to four offspring. Some types of female bats gather together in maternal groups to raise their offspring, while others maintain a more solitary existence during this time. This nurturing process typically continues until the mid to late summer months.

Homeowners seeking to prevent bats from hibernating or roosting indoors should proactively identify any points of entry and implement bat exclusion measures.

The Risks Of Bat Infestations: Structural Damage And Health Hazards

Bats will enter homes, often through openings such as chimneys, rotting roof shingles, or damaged fascia boards. Once indoors, bats will contaminate the interior areas with their waste, which might result in costly repairs and could attract other unwanted pests, such as cockroaches. Known as guano, bat excrement may create fungi spores and airborne particles that promote respiratory conditions such as histoplasmosis.

Despite their creepy and dangerous reputation, bats generally do not attack humans. However, homeowners should never intentionally corner or come in contact with bats, as they could bite and are known carriers of rabies – a potentially fatal condition.

Because of the risks involved, homeowners are encouraged to choose solutions performed by professional bat removal specialists. A local bat control company has the knowledge and tools needed to safely conduct bat removal services.

Minimizing Bat Attractiveness: Outdoor Lighting And Landscaping Tips

Local Fairfax bat control experts often emphasize the importance of limiting attractants and making properties less appealing to bats. Keep tree branches and shrubs trimmed back away from the structure as they allow roof rats, squirrels, and other troublesome pests to access the upper areas of a home and potentially create or expand points of entry.

Although bats are nocturnal and generally prefer darkness, they consume insects; therefore, property owners should limit the use of bright outdoor lights that attract a variety of flying pests that bats might prey on. Consider transitioning to the yellowish-LED bulbs that are less attractive to these pests.

Maintaining Peace Of Mind: Benefits Of Professional Bat Mitigation

Have bats infiltrated your home? The team of experienced professionals with SPRK Pest Solutions will safely and effectively perform bat removal in Fairfax, VA, for those struggling with these unwanted creatures.

In addition to bats, the qualified service technicians with SPRK Pest Solutions assist local property owners facing problems involving a host of different pests, including bed bugs, termites, stinging insects, and more. Contact our office today for help with bats and to learn more about our pest control services in Fairfax.

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